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The main aim of Dairy Control is the genetic evaluation of dairy breed stud animals based on the information about the lactations of their female issue, that is, to discover to what extent a specific male transmits higher milk yield, better milk quality or better morphology

Besides being a tool essential to genetic improvement programmes, dairy control is of great help to farmers in farm management. The member farmer receives an individual, monthly analysis of the milk produced by each of his cows, including the fat and protein content and somatic cell results, which are crucial to controlling mastitis. Monthly individualised somatic cell counts enable the farmer to detect cows with sub-clinical mastitis (animals affected, not showing clinical signs) and treat them before the disease progresses. He can also reduce the milk tank somatic cell count on his farm by milking cows with a high count separately. The production data for the cows also help the process of decision-making as part of farm management.

To make joining and remaining a member of the dairy control easier, there is an annual payment of up to 12 € per finished lactation of the daughters of national or European Union bulls, and up to 6 € per finished lactation of other cows to cover control costs (for paying the controller).  In the case of ewes and she-goats the payment is up to 6 €. There is an additional national subsidy for Autonomous Federations or National Breeder Associations of up to 3 € per cow lactation and up to 6 € per ewe or goat lactation, for organising the control.  The Agriculture and Livestock Commission publishes an annual order of subsidies specifying these amounts. 

Other advantages of dairy control include free-of-charge services such as milk sample analyses, data records of controls, lactation calculation and the issue of reports to farmers by courtesy of the CENSYRA.  Members are also given more points on the scale for assigning determined reference quantities integrated in the National Reserve of milk quotas.

The analytical results of the milk samples are posted to all the farmers or can be accessed on this web page or sent by e-mail on request.

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