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The functions of the Artificial Insemination Area are within the general objectives of genetic improvement in livestock herds in the Autonomous Region.  These functions include the weekly preparation of doses of frozen semen from bovine and ovine stud animals of the following breeds:

  • Autochthonous breeds: Morucha, Avileña Bociblanca, Avileña-Black Iberian, Alistano-Sanabresa, Sayaguesa, Monchina, Churra and Castellana.
  • Integrated breeds: Friesian, Brown, Brown Mountain, Limousin, Charolais, Belgian Blue-White.


Artificial insemination and the availability of frozen semen doses are basic instruments in the genetic improvement programmes, which are carried out in collaboration with the Association of Select Livestock Breeders, most of whom own the stud animals. 
To evaluate dairy production stud animals, the activities carried out with the Dairy Control Area are coordinated. 

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The CENSYRA employs specialist staff and has appropriate facilities for housing and handling the stud animals, as well as semen processing laboratories equipped with the latest technology for preparing semen doses.
There is a semen bank for preserving and distributing the prepared doses, others that may be of interest to the Association, and a genetic reserve of autochthonous breeds or those in danger of extinction.

A Stud Animal Catalogue will be published periodically to keep farmers informed.

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