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Genotyping Laboratory

The CENSYRA Genotyping Laboratory in León started in January 2005 and its main activities are the analysis of ovine genotype to establish Resistance/ Susceptibility to Scrapie and the analysis of Paternity/ Filiation of ovine, bovine, caprine and equine species.

Analysis of Resistance/ Susceptibility to Scrapie

In order to comply with current legislation on the National Genetic Selection Programme to increase the level of resistance to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in sheep, sheep farms in the Castile and León Region are being genotyped at the CENSYRA “Genotyping Laboratory” in León. The technique being used is that of Minisequencing to determine SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). This technique has been officially validated by the Algete Reference Laboratory using interlaboratory analyses.


Analysis of Paternity / Filiation  

The Analysis of Paternity / Filiation is a tool essential to selection programmes because it ensures the origin of the animals and the reliability of the genealogical records, and is of great use to the Associations of Select Livestock Breeders via the agreements with the Castile and León Regional Government. This analysis uses 14 microsatellite markers  in  Ovines, 11 in Bovines and 17 in Equines.

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